We live in a remarkable place

We are determined to do everything we can to champion what works for people and place in Salmon Nation. We know we are not alone.

Salmon Nation
is home

Salmon Nation is a bioregion defined by the historic range of wild Pacific salmon – from the Salinas River in California, north to the Yukon River in Alaska.

Salmon Nation is also an idea –  that we can organize ourselves as a nature state in a big, diverse, powerful and holistic integration of people and place, with thriving local communities living in deep relationship with the lands and waters that nourish all of us.

Changing climate and failing systems demand new approaches to everything we do.

Salmon Nation Trust’s mission is to inspire, enable, and invest in regenerative development through whole-system design and the acceleration and replication of what works.

We know there are many thousands of people in this bioregion engaged in deep innovation that brings vibrant health to our home.

Our offering is to support them.

Our hope is to find truly radical and profound relationship patterns amongst human enterprise, local cultures and healthy natural systems.

Our success is expressed by the number, diversity, and quality of creative individuals who we identify, connect, and support.

Recognizing vibrant local works
Weaving reciprocal relationships
Cross-pollinating what works
Cultivating a healthy home

Now. Here. Together.

Our central observation is that there are abundant enterprising individuals, particularly in ‘edge communities’ outside dominant centers of power and money, who are actively adapting toclimate change and innovating pathways to more reliable prosperity.

At the edges are the seeds of new ways to live in step with natural systems. Edges are rural and urban. Edges are diverse. Edges are innovative.

At the edges are where we spark the wholesale re-imagining of our economy and environment in Salmon Nation.

Finding the threads

The work of the Salmon Nation Trust is holistic, continually emergent, non-linear, and synergistic.


Immerse in community, cultivate reciprocity and trust, share/amplify/inspire what works, surface diverse entrepreneurs of place-based creativity and innovation.


Connect, share, inspire, and instigate unlikely collaborations and cross-pollinations.

Replication & Acceleration

Apply human, social, and financial capital to support, scale, and replicate regenerative solutions that are already working in the edges. Edges generate system change from the outside in.

Fabric of collaboration

People can enter into the robust flow of people, resources, ideas, and knowhow that is Salmon Nation – a bioregional fabric that continually regenerates, deepens, and surfaces relationships, trust, possibilities and opportunities.


The Salmon Nation Trust is designed to be simple, adaptable, and scalable. It is governed by high-profile highly-trusted advisors to maintain mission alignment, integrity and public trust


Dalee Sambo Dorough

Long-time advocate, scholar, and special adviser on Arctic Indigenous Peoples
Anchorage, AK

Himéeqis Káa’awn

Antone Minthorn

Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla
Pendleton, OR

Kat Taylor

Co-Founder, Beneficial State Bank and TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation
San Francisco, CA

Amalaxa Louisa Smith

Sister of Chief G’psgolox
Prince Rupert

John Kitzhaber

Three term Oregon Governor
Portland, OR

Susan Mac Cormac

Partner, Morrison & Foerster
San Francisco, CA

Spencer Biddle Beebe

Founder of Ecotrust and Co-founder of Conservation International
Portland, OR

Nell Newman

Co-Founder, Newman’s Own Organics
Santa Cruz, CA

Robert Warren

Chairman, Cascade Corporation
Portland, OR

Kilslaay Kaajii Sding

Miles Richardson, O.C.

Advocate for the rights of the Haida Nation, and others
Haida Gwaii

Greg Moga

Entrepreneur and Conservationist
Seattle, WA

Tim Carver

CEO of GQG Partners
Seattle, WA